The Board of Directors are members who are voted on by the membership or appointed by the president to serve as the leadership of the organization. The Board holds meetings on the fourth Thursday of the month. Meetings are open to all members. 

2020 Board of Directors

Carolyn Walsh - President


Favorite Project: 4th of July Parade because the local community comes out to support us, the community and we all get to celebrate the holiday together. 

Member Since 2018

Lisa Bradley - Membership VP


Favorite Project: Summer Carnival because teaches how to put on large-scale event in the community, it's a fun summer activity that raises funds to give back to the community and chapter members. 

Member Since 2014

Meleah Nunn - Community VP


Favorite Project: All of them because I get to hang out with my friends. 

Member Since 2018

Melanie Reid - Operations VP


Member Since 2018

Cody Maldonado - Social Affairs VP


Member Since 2019

Carena Townsend - COB


Favorite Project: Speed Friending because we get to meet so many different people. 

Member Since 2011

Jeffrey Davenport - Treasurer

Member Since 2019

Christina Hill - Secretary

Favorite Project: Zombie Zap because we partner with BBBS. Plus it's how I first met the Jaycees and a great way to support the kids in the community. 

Member Since 2019

Jenny Lawlor - Crier Editor/Social Media Director


Favorite Project: Zombie Zap

Member Since 2019

Meghann Deering - Director


Favorite Project: Bountiful Baskets because it provides a basic fundamental need (food) to folks in our community. 

Member Since 2018

Katherine Mercieca - Director

David Herdzik- Director

Favorite Project: 4th of July Parade because it feels great to give back to the community in such a big way.

Member Since 2018