Based on their join date, the following new members are eligible for the Newcomer of the Year award :


Andrea Crist Nov-15
Brian Chiu Jan-16
Anna McDade Jan-16
Michael Schultz Feb-16
Emily Bush Feb-16
Madeline Wujcik Apr-16
Patricia Fernanda Sep-16
Davon Shackleford Sep-16

Based on their leadership at a 2016 Jaycees project, the following members are eligible for the Chairperson of the Year award :

Laser Tag 1.9.16 Carena Townsend
Year Ender 1.23.16 Melissa Knitter
Super Bowl Party 2.7.16 Russ Trapp
A2JC101 2.23.16 Mary Jo Zechiel
Spring Eggstravaganza 3.26.16 Andrea Crist
Chocolate Fest 4.9.16 Kelly Fenker
Walk and Wag 5.21.16 Erika Griffith
Carnival 6.22.16-6.26.16 Emily Bush
Parade 7.4.16 Melanie Hamilton
Wine and Tapas Party 7.30.16 Melissa Knitter
August Monthly Meeting and Picnic Bob Jean and Rose Peruski
Superhero Bar Crawl 8.20.16 Carena Townsend
Boo Bash 10.23.16 Andrea Crist and Anna Calderon
Kindlefest 12.2.16 Michael Schultz