Community Building Grants

Have an Idea to Improve the Lives of Young Adults in Washtenaw County?

Get Funding from the Ann Arbor Jaycees!

Just launched on September 29, 2019!

The Ann Arbor Jaycees are seeking proposals from motivated individuals and teams that seek to improve the lives of young people in Washtenaw County by hosting a project/event. Any individual or groups of individuals (i.e. teams/groups) residing in Washtenaw County between the ages of 21 and 40 are eligible to apply.  Projects/events proposed should target the same demographic. All proposals should follow the word limits for each section and contain a description of community outcomes, project/event description, key personnel involved, and discuss the resources needed including a budget.  You can request between $1,000 and $10,000 in funding.  Projects that use funds efficiently and rely on volunteer time to carry out are preferred.  You can use funds for any number of needs like renting a venue, paying for workshop materials,  promotion, speaker fees, and other basic costs.

Proposal submissions will be reviewed by a committee of current members of the Ann Arbor Jaycees.  We may reach out to you during the review process to ask questions about your submission. We may decide to award funds to none, one, or several projects based on the quality of the submissions and available funds. Only one submission per individual/team/group is allowed. Multiple submissions from the same group will disqualify all related submissions.  

All questions about submissions should be directed to:

You can learn more about this initiative and the Ann Arbor Jaycees by attending an info session on October 15, 6:00 PM at GO! Ice Cream.  See more details about this event on Facebook 

Read the press release about this program here 

Application Timeline

October 1, 2019 - Proposal submission opens

October 15, 2019 - Info session at Cultivate, 6pm

November 15, 2019 - Proposal submission closes

November 27, 2019 - Finalist announced via email/phone.  Must attend December 5 meeting to give pitch. 

December 5, 2019 - Finalist present at Ann Arbor Jaycees Meeting

December 9, 2019  - Winners announced 

January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 - Projects carried out by winners



Have you done this before?


Why are you doing this? 

We know there’s thousands of young people moving to Ann Arbor/Washtenaw County every year and tens of thousands already call this area home.  We want to expand our impact by supporting you/your team to carry out a project/event that can make a difference in the lives of other.

What types of projects are you (really) looking for?

You tell us.  You know the problems that young people face trying to grow professionally, network, socialize, and need to overcome to meet basic needs. Projects that address inequality, social injustices, professional development, skill building are really cool, but even a specific problem you’ve encountered that you’d like to fix is great!  

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