JCI Senators

A JCI Senatorship is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a current or past member by Junior Chamber International for outstanding service to the organization. It provides a unique means for recognizing a member’s outstanding achievements, and also confers upon that individual a “Life Membership” in Junior Chamber International. 

The Ann Arbor Jaycees have honored the following members:

NameSenator NumberPresidential Service 
Mary Jo (Knitter) Zechiel7489277th President
Tom McAllister7247478th President
Karen Hillegonds7091373rd President
Stefanie (Layher) Kandah7038576th President
Fay (Poissant) Walsh 6882469th President
Michelle (MacDonald) McAllister6707467th President
Kimberley A. (Shanks) Myer6589866th President
Jamie Coker64577n/a
Susan Foltin63744n/a
Scott Chisholm6241574th President
Vanessa E. (Horning) Belyew6209063rd President
Puneet Sahi6166564th President
Teri Marshall5956362nd President
Fernando "Fern" Garcia5935243rd President
Ronald F. Lochocki, Jr.5820061st President
Daniel E. Whisler5652859th President
Barry Marshall5590158th President
Kathy Szakatis5432757th President
Brian O'Neil5431856th President
John A. Baker4712855th President
Nancy Kueckels-Averill4646254th President
Ethel M. Thoms4435453rd President
L D "Leon" Hieber4231345th President
Karl C. Thoms4231252nd President
Gary Brewer4133644th President
Gerald "Jerry" Mrozinski2559641st President
Edward L. Barnard2134030th President
Richard S. Joan2133837th President
Clifford Sheldon2133738th President
Gerald "Jerry" Bell1833536th President
Clinton Smith1302242nd President
Dennis A. Michalak1155633rd President
Kenneth Copp993329th President
Lloyd E. Fairbanks960232nd President
Richard A. Simon838128th President
Donald McGee472639th President
Gil Caswell167116th President