The Ann Arbor Jaycees began with a small group of young men meeting at the Michigan Union. For some time, the price of admission to those meetings was to bring along a new member. Chartered in 1936 with Franklin C. Forsythe as Charter President, the Ann Arbor chapter was one of the first in the state. An early President, H. Bruce Palmer, went on to become State President, and then President of the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Over the years, the Ann Arbor Jaycees have maintained the Franklin C. Forsythe Neighborhood Park and ran the first Auto Seatbelt Installation Clinic in the country (back in the days when cars actually came without seatbelts). Legend has the Jaycees building the first single-family house in Ann Arbor after World War II.

Today, the Ann Arbor Jaycees are continuing to bring to the community such annual favorites as:

Moreover, in 1996, the Ann Arbor Jaycees took a giant step forward towards impacting the community by establishing the Ann Arbor Jaycees Foundation. In 1997, one of the key accomplishments that the Ann Arbor Jaycees achieved through the Foundation was to bring to the city of Ann Arbor one of the largest displays of the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Perhaps most importantly, the Ann Arbor Jaycees have developed many prominent leaders in the community. Jaycees helped write Ann Arbor's City Charter, organized the first Ann Arbor Art Fair, and helped adopt the 1963 Michigan Constitution. Former Jaycee officers once formed the second largest caucus on the Ann Arbor City Council. A few even served as Mayors and one represented Ann Arbor in the State Legislature.

The Ann Arbor Jaycees have been continually living up to the reputation as THE leadership training organization in the community!


Past Presidents

President NumberYearPresident
1st1936Franklin C. Forsythe
2nd1937H. Bruce Palmer
3rd1938J.C. Cahill
4th1939Wilson H. White
5th1940J.W. Meadows
6th1941Raleigh Saunders
7th1942F.C. "Bud" Moseley
8th1943Ivan L. Friday
9th1944Jack Castor
10th1945Richard W. Sinn
11th1946Kenneth Heininger
12th1947Lawrence Ouimet
13th1948Wagar A. Glas
14th1949John W. Rae
15th1950George Coons
16th1951Gil Caswell
17th1952Otis Hardy
18th1953Bruce Maslin
19th1954Walter Jarvis
20th1955Jack Grimston
21st1956Irv Halman
22nd1957William Frakes
23rd1958Bud Roberts
24th1959Herbert Weurth
25th1960Walter Derr
26th1961Doug Nobilette
27th1962Kenneth MacAdam
28th1963Richard A. Simon
29th1964Kenneth Copp
30th1965Edward L. Barnard
31st1966Thomas E. Bletcher
32nd1967Lloyd E. Fairbanks
33rd1968Dennis Michalak
34th1969Thomas Niswonger
35th1970James Dunbrock
36th1971Gerald Bell
37th1972Richard Joan
38th1973Clifford Sheldon
39th1974Donald McGee
40th1975Richard Weid
41st1976Jerry Mrozinski
42nd1977Clinton Smith
43rd1978Fern Garcia
44th1979Gary Brewer
45th1980Leon Hieber
46th1981Roger Jahnke
47th1982Jim Jahnke
48th1982Rick Jarzembowski
49th1983Dave Hieber
50th1984Kent Peterson
51st1985Jim Adams
52nd1986Karl C. Thoms
53rd1987Ethel M. Thoms
54th1988Nancy Kueckels-Averill
55th1989John A. Baker
56th1990Brian M. O'Neil
57th1991Kathy Szakatis
58th1992Barry Marshall
59th1993Daniel E. Whisler
60th1994Julia L. Berndt
61st1995Ronald F. Lochocki, Jr.
62nd1996Teri Marshall
63rd1997Vanessa E. Horning
64th1998Puneet Sahi
65th1999Kenneth J. Lochocki
66th2000Kimberley A. Shanks
67th2001Michelle MacDonald
68th2002Jenni Teichow
69th2003Fay Poissant
70th2004Byron Myer
71st2005Sue Faust
72nd2006Beth Hill
73rd2007Karen Hillegonds
74th2008Scott Chisholm
75th2009Jessica Pelleran
76th2010Stefanie Layher
77th2011Mary Jo Knitter
78th2012Tom McAllister
79th2013Karen Haberland
80th2014Melissa Knitter
81st2015Eddie Verhamme
82nd2016Michael Lee